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I’m between two numbers. How do I choose the right number for me?

In closed type shoes, such as sportswear and boots, you get the largest number of your choices. It should be spacious so that it does not bother your fingers but so that they can be worn with a sock.
On a high heel, choose the largest number of your options and place a mat, which we will provide you completely free of charge, so that the shoe will fit you.

The information of each product mentions its characteristics, one of them is the line of each shoe, if it is small / large / normal. However, if you are again between two options we suggest you follow the instructions below.

In a high-heeled sandal or platform, you choose the smallest number from your options because the foot, as it tilts, “collects” slightly.
In ballerinas, you choose a size larger than the one you usually wear due to the peculiarity of this type of shoe, which stretches the foot in it after a week.
In the slippers you choose a number bigger on the discs and our number on the single soles.

On the heels I am half number. What do you suggest they apply correctly?

Heels are a brake for many people, however we can make it easier for you to choose the right design and number to stay completely satisfied. Our heels are produced by Greek handicrafts and are specially designed to meet the difficulties faced by every woman with high heels. They are distinguished for their elasticity, their stable but at the same time elegant heels and their excellent line in the koutoupie so that your soles are not burdened.

In case your number on the heels is half, for example 39.5, then we suggest you to order the number 40 and with the mat that we will provide you completely free of charge we will bring the shoe to your measurements, ie at 39.5. The mats are checked, friendly to the foot without moving inside the shoe during walking.

It is a safe solution, both for the sole and for your number, which we highly recommend.

The shoe I want to order is Castor. Are they suitable for rain?

Castor shoes are designed so that they are not damaged by rain, in addition they have an inner lining that makes them resistant to rain. In case they get wet, just let them dry before wearing them again.

I have a big / small puppet, will you help me find the right design?

For your convenience, you can send us a personal message in our chat on Facebook or Instagram and inform us about your special needs. Our staff will help you make the right shoe choice.

I do not like shoes with laces. What do you have to suggest to me?

If you do not like shoes with laces, we have a large collection of shoes of various types without laces or with decorative laces that fit easily on the foot.

I’m pregnant and I do not know what number to choose.

In case of pregnancy, we suggest that you choose shoes with a large line or a number larger than the one you usually wear, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy. Due to the fluid retention observed during pregnancy, the feet swell and as a result, the shoes do not fit properly.

How can I take care of and clean my shoes?

Shoe care is especially important so that they can be durable over time. We always store our shoes in a dry place, in case they come in contact with moisture they can deteriorate or “pop”.

In leather shoes or leather tires we avoid contact with water because there is a risk of damaging their adhesives and coming off. For proper cleaning just use a dry cloth.

Sneakers, sneakers and winter slippers are extremely water resistant and can be washed even in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Another good way to clean sportswear is a lightly dampened sponge with a cream cleaner, so they will clean with just one pass.

The shoe I got narrows me down a bit / it’s a bit roomy, how do I know if I have chosen the right number?

If the shoes you received are narrowing slightly, you need to find out exactly where they are narrowing you. In case you are pressed in front of your fingers then you need a bigger number. In any other case the shoe will take the shape of your foot. If the shoes you received are slightly spacious then depending on the type there are different solutions. In heels, the solution is to place half a sole on the front of the shoe. This way the number is reduced by half and the shoe will fit perfectly on the foot. In sports shoes the trick is to tie the laces up to the top and high in the koutoupie to tie them tightly to stabilize the foot or even to be worn with a thicker sock. In ballerinas when they are slightly spacious it is completely normal and usually necessary due to the peculiarity of this type of shoe, which stretches the foot in it after a week. As for the boots and ankle boots, we prefer it to be spacious because in winter they can be worn with a thick sock.

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