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Return policy

  • The change of products can be accepted only if the product has not suffered any damage (eg has not been worn indoors or outdoors, has not been soiled, etc.) and is in its original condition. In addition, changes / returns of products whose period has not expired within 15 days from the date of receipt are accepted.
  • Changes / returns are made by telephone and we provide you with the possibility of the service “delivery / receipt hand in hand” by the partner company Courier.
  • The charge for product change is € 3 for a product over € 20 and for a product under € 20 at € 5. Returned products must be accompanied by proof of purchase which will be placed in the package. In case of loss or omission, return is not possible.
    • Refunds are made by telephone, only for products that are defective or different from those you ordered, within one week from the date of receipt of the order. The customer chooses the Courier company that suits him for the shipment of the parcel and undertakes the shipping (Shipper Charge). Once the refund is approved, a deposit will be made to the bank account that you will declare within 10 days from the day of receipt of the parcel by our company. Our company undertakes to return the value of the product but is not obliged to deposit the shipping costs. Refunds on products that are on offer 50% or more are not accepted.
    • Our company undertakes the repair of defective products after a telephone consultation and if the cause of its wear has been ascertained. A request for repair can be accepted within 30 days from the date of receipt of the order. In this case the shipping costs are borne by the customer while the repair is provided free of charge by our company.
    • In case you have placed an order and you have paid for it but despite that the products or any of the products you have chosen are not in stock, then the responsibility is ours and we will refund the amount of products that are not available.
    • In case you want to make a change with a product whose value is less than that of the product to be changed, then you should fill in the remaining amount either by purchasing another product or by paying for it.
    • In case of purchase of products that are in our offer “1 + 1 gift”, changes will be accepted if both products are returned which should not have suffered any damage (eg have not been worn indoors or outdoors , have not been soiled, etc.) and are in their original condition.

Return Address:

Passo – Ioannou Christos

Delfon 61

Τ.Κ. 57019 – Thessaloniki

For online shop department

Contact phone: 6934582949

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